WooCommerce Bundle Plugin

The bundle builder for shop owners who care about customer satisfaction.

Doko Builder, a free WooCommerce plugin, allows store owners to give customers the ability to set up bundled products and guarantee precise pricing.

When it's time to sell bundles
to your customers, do you ...

Build bundles based on your taste

While wishing customers buy these bundled products.

Hope to not have to edit bundle order manually

Feel exhausted when customers want to replace product A by product C in the bundle.

Wish to avoid order cancellations

When out of stock products are not labelled properly on the store ?

What if you could simply let your customer build their own bundle ?

doko what if you simply let your customer build their own bundle

Why creating bundles this way ?

Increase average order values

Increase your store's profitability by incentivising customers to buy products in bulk, giving them access to exclusive pricing.

Reduce orders cancellations and refund requests

Allow customers to customise the content of their bundle products, ensuring that each purchase is tailored to their preferences.

Prevent out of stock products in bundles

Our solution ensures that only in-stock items are utilized to build bundles, minimizing frustration for both shop owners and customers.

Avoid manual bundle orders creation

Ease the burden on shop owners by alleviating concerns about customers requesting changes to specific products within their bundles.

See the types of businesses the plugin fits well with

Skin Care & Beauty

Customers can create personalized skincare and beauty sets, choosing products that suit their specific needs and preferences.

Video Games & Accessories

Allows gamers to build their perfect gaming setups, selecting consoles, accessories, and games all in one bundle.

Mode & Shoes

Customers can mix and match clothing items and shoes with a bundle plugin, creating unique fashion ensembles tailored to their style.

Birthdays Store

Lets customers curate the ideal gift box, combining items like cards, decorations, and presents for a memorable celebration.

Candy Store

Candy lovers can assemble custom assortments of their favorite sweets, making gift-giving or self-indulgence a breeze.

Book Stores

Bookworms can craft personalized reading experiences with a bundle plugin, selecting novels, genres, and accessories to enhance their literary journeys.

Celebrations Gift Sets

Customers can easily create themed gift sets for various celebrations, ensuring they have everything they need for a special occasion.

Coffee and Tea Hamper

Enable coffee and tea enthusiasts to design bespoke hampers, choosing their favorite blends, accessories, and treats for a cozy beverage experience.

Toys and Figurines

Parents and collectors can build custom toy sets, selecting from a variety of toys and figurines to suit their interests and preferences.



$0 / year

  • Unlimited steps for your bundle page
  • Bundle Products disposition screen ( see demo here )


$89.99 / year

  • All free features
  • Bundle Cart disposition screen ( see demo here )
  • Bundle Card disposition screen
  • Conditional Logic for each steps

Frequently Asked Questions

Doko Builder, a free WordPress plugin, allows store owners to give customers the ability to set up bundled products and guarantee precise pricing.
Visit the official plugin page on WordPress.org plugins repository - https://wordpress.org/plugins/doko-box-builder

Doko Builder is a WordPress plugin that uses WooCommerce. In order to use Doko Builder, you must have a WordPress site.

Doko Builder works with all page builders. You simply create your ordering layout and use the provided shortcode in your page builder.

This is where Doko Builder is a solution for everyone. Any payment gateway for WooCommerce will work with Doko Bundle Builder.

Yes, Doko Builder works with all WooCommerce themes.

You can access your account dashboard using this link.

You can access the plugin documentation here or if you have questions feel free to reach us on the live chat.